Alpine skiing, carving, telemark, and snowboarding


Krvavec ski resort has some 30 kilometres of perfectly maintained ski runs, our Snow park and ice bars invite you to join the fun!

A perfect winter experience
A ski resort that boasts the most magnificent views and well-maintained ski runs at 1,450m to 1,971m above sea level providing excellent conditions for skiing on natural and compacted snow.   The resort with 30 kilometres of perfectly maintained ski runs guarantees 100 skiing days each season.  The ski runs are varied and ideal for recreational and professional skiers as well as beginners.

Krvavec ski resort is located in the municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem,  only 25 km from the capital city of Ljubljana and the closest ski resort to any European airport – the Brnik airport is a mere 8 kilometres away.

Additional winter offer
Ski school where you can learn alpine skiing, carving, telemark, and snowboarding, rental and service of ski equipment, a snow park, a polygon for beginners, a children’s playground and a competition polygon, a ski run with electronic timing, a ski run with non-compacted snow, night sledging, snow biking, cloakroom and free parking.

A hint:  To enjoy a wonderful experience in the snow you don’t even need your own ski equipment as our equipment rental services has everything to fit you from head to toe.

Cycle routes


Active experience of nature and the countryside among the multi-coloured fields and undulating hills of the Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem. Take your pick from 8 marked cycle tracks suitable for road and mountain bikes. The cycle route map is on display in the centre of Cerklje in front of Petrovec House; all routes are clearly marked for the convenience of the biker. The tracks take you past several cultural, historical and natural attractions that heighten the experience of every biking trip. Enjoy your bike ride through the scenic landscapes!

Strmol Castle


Strmol Castle is situated on the slopes of Dvorjanski hrib (“Mansion Hill”) near Cerklje na Gorenjskem. In the 13th century, the Strmol Knights settled here and the fortress was named after them, keeping the same name despite the constant changes of the owners. Throughout the turbulent centuries, Strmol Castle retained its original form, making it one of the oldest and best preserved castles in Slovenia.

Bike Park Krvavec


Mountain Bike trails

All descent lovers can enjoy in 16km descent trails: Rock’n’flow, Muci in Bambino. If Rock’n’Flow with 6km of more demanding terrain is suitable for more experienced bikers, new 9km Pussycat trail has less difficult terrain, less breaking and more fun for most. If Rock’n’Flow is king then Pussycat might be the queen. Or at least the princess. Bambino trail includes bands made up of earth, waves and jumps at low difficulty level, and is suitable for a wide range of users with different bike riding experience. If you are more Cross Country biker, Bike Park Krvavec offers also 11 km of XC trails named Allroad and XC Scott trail.

Hiking and Nordic Walking


In the summertime, Krvavec offers a welcoming oasis for hikers – primarily due to the fresh mountain air, wonderful views, local culinary delights, numerous herbs, the well-maintained hike paths and bike trails, as well as the Plečnikova Kapela dedicated to Mary of the Snow, all of which create an exceptional mountain exprience. Thus, a summer visit to Krvavec is more than just a pleasant relaxation for the body and soul.

Nordic Walking is a simple workout which strengthens the whole body. Primarily it has positive impact on weight loss, blood circulation and flexibility of the body, balance, coordination, aerobic endurance and a healthy back. This type of workout is, because of its simplicity, suitable for all age groups. It is on of the most healthy exercise which does not require prior physical condition and also does not burden the joints.


Krvavec is a very popular take-off for paragliding due to its vicinity to Ljubljana and easy accessibility. The high geographical position of this take-off allows long descents and a special advantage is that you can access it with the cabin car.

Krvavec offers very good conditions for paragliding and is therefore popular for tandem flights. It is also an excellent choice for your first paragliding experience. A panoramic flight will delight you with a wonderful view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karawanken.

Postojna Cave


The tour around the cave starts at the entry platform of the unique cave railway, where visitors’ hustle and bustle is a common occurrence, especially during the summer. To start with, the cave train will take you through an artificial passage, followed by the first natural passage, which turned black as a result of petrol being destroyed during the Second World War. Next seen as part of the tour are two halls, first the Gothic Hall with numerousflowstone creations, followed by the Congress Hall (in the past known as the Dance Hall), which has for almost two centuries been a highly appealing venue for concerts and other events.While you are admiring the natural sculptures, the train will take you for 2 kilometres to the Great Mountain, where you will get off and continue the tour on foot. An illuminated path will take you over the Great Mountain (the Cavalry) across the Russian Bridge into the Beautiful Caves consisting of the Spaghetti Hall, the White Hall and the Red Hall – all given their names owing to the characteristic colour and shape of stalactites and stalagmites found in there – until you get to the Brilliant Passage, where the most famous stalagmite and the symbol of the Postojna Cave can be seen – the Brilliant.As part of the walking tour visitors also have a look at an aquarium with the proteus (also called the olm or the human fish) in the Concert Hall. The tour ends by getting on the train and returning to the surface.

Lake Bled with The Bled island


6 km long trail around the lake is just long enough for simple recreation (walks or bike rides). This trail also leads to sightseeing rises – Castle Hill and nearby hills with splendid views. Take a rest on one of the benches and enjoy the view on the lake with an island and the Karavanke mountains in the distance, and observe the ducks and swans playing on the surface of the lake. Rowing is a very popular sports activity in this area as Bled can pride itself with a long tradition of the rowing sport and with hosting international rowing competitions. During the summer visitors can cool down in the lake or enjoy on the Castle beach which each year attracts a great number of tourists. In extremely low winter temperatures the surface of the lake freezes. Would you dare to ice skate on its surface?

The most recognizable symbol of the lake is the Church of the Assumption with its long and diverse history, however the lush greenery also hides other interesting island buildings, like the bell-tower, church, chaplain’s house, provost’s house, small hermitage and some mysterious legends.

Vintgar Gorge

A gorge through which flows the magnificent emerald Radovna River with its pools, waterfalls and rapids. Thereis a mighty, approximately 15-metre high Šum Waterfall, the highest river waterfall in Slovenia.


Savica is one of the most impressive and one of the biggest waterfalls in Slovenia, fascinating with its primal energy. Bursting out of the steep rock wall under the wild Komarča, it represents both the beginning and the end of the Bohinj valley.


One of the most famous Slovenian waterfalls, consisting of a lower waterfall, 52 metres high and around which you can walk, and the 16-metre high upper waterfall. You can also view Peričnik Waterfall on a hike along the  Triglavska Bistrica Trail.

The pond Lahovče


The nearest pond is The pond Lahovče. It is 1,8 km far from our hotel.

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